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Frozen beef should be allowed to thaw slowly in the refrigerator. If time is short, place the frozen package of beef in a Zip-Loc type bag and into a sink or bowl of cold water. NEVER use the microwave to thaw or cook beef, it will change the texture and toughen it.


Grass-fed beef is much leaner than grain-fed meat and thus is less forgiving of overcooking. As well, the unsaturated fats in grass-fed meat melt at lower temperatures and more quickly than the saturated fats of grain-fed cuts. Cooks who are accustomed to fatty grain-fed beef will find adjustments are needed to keep grass-fed beef moist. A rule of thumb is that grass-fed beef needs about 30% less cooking than conventional beef. Our beef is best if cooked rare  to medium. Grass-fed beef will certainly lose tenderness if cooked to well-done.


Use a little more care and attention when cooking grass-fed beef . Your beef can go from perfectly cooked to overcooked in less than a minute. Remember: grass-fed beef contains an entirely different type of fat than grain-fed meat and this means watching it carefully!


Consider marinades for lean cuts like New York Strip and Sirloin Steaks. We recommend using ingredients that are light in flavor, but add moisture  such as lemon, vinegars, oils, wine or beer.

You may brush beef lightly with virgin olive oil or any favorite light oil prior to stove-top cooking or grilling to help retain moisture. We find grass-fed beef is best prepared in a cast-iron or heavy skillet on the stove-top, rather than a grill. The reason for this is that our beef benefits from being pan-seared to obtain a light browned crust and then allowing the beef to continue cooking off-flame, or in the oven at about 450 degrees for a few minutes after searing. We find most cooks have a harder time gauging the heat and doneness of the beef while using a grill.


Always use tongs or a spatula  to handle the beef. Piercing or slicing the meat will cause it to lose juices. It is also best to minimize poking  or flipping the meat more than necessary. When making hamburger patties, make them thin enough at first, rather than flattening them with the spatula while cooking. You will want all of the delicious juices in the burger.


Remove the meat from heat a little before the desired doneness and allow it to rest for 4 to 10 minutes. It will continue to cook a bit after, and will allow the juices to settle.


Slow cooking with moist heat methods is the ideal way to cook many grass-fed cuts. A slow-cooker or Dutch oven  is  ideal for braising and stewing. Braising our beef and slow cooking it in stocks or wine will make the meat exquisitely tender and flavorful.


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