“…to decide you’re ready for the real taste of beef—a taste that corn-fattening has for decades blanketed with an unpleasantly sweet, bland, rich coating. Losing the flavor of corn in beef is like scraping away a gooey glaze”.

Corby Kummer, The Atlantic "Back to Grass", May 2003


Our beef is dry-aged for a minimum of 21 days, often even longer, before it is vacuum-sealed into individual cuts  and frozen.  Through dry-aging, the beef's own enzymes break down the meat fibers, resulting in greater tenderness and concentration of flavors. Most all beef sold in markets today is wet-aged in plastic due to the increased time and cost of dry-aging. We think you will taste the difference dry-aging contributes to our beef, which is why we are proud to offer it to you.

Not only is grass-fed beef leaner, but you may be surprised to find the taste of our beef is much more complex than grain-fed beef. We think comparing the nuanced flavors of our beef to the varied characteristics of wine helps to explain what we mean. Just as fine wines offer  taste “notes” that originate in the very soil the grapes are grown in, you will find our grass-fed beef  to capture the delightful  flavors of it’s own terroir*. That is, the unique contributions to taste from the different grasses and legumes our cattle graze on. It is the different soils, grasses, unique plants, legumes, water, and  variations in  weather unique to our ranches that have given Novy Grass-fed Beef a clean, light and herbaceous flavor.   How does our grass-fed  beef compare to grocery store grain-fed meat?  Though grain-fed beef is what the majority of Americans are accustomed to, some might say it’s like comparing farmed mushrooms to wild truffles. Or a box wine to a Chateau Margaux.  Many people say the industrialized uniformity of feedlot fed beef, with it’s high level of saturated fats, (and additives) will tend to leave a sticky coating on one’s palate. Contrast that to grass-fed beef which has a “cleaner” finish  and more complex flavors. We often hear people remark that they do not feel "heavy" or groggy after a grass-fed beef meal. That shouldn’t be surprising given that cows and people metabolize corn as a sugar. How do you feel after you stuff yourself with too many carbohydrates, cookies, or flour-based snacks?  One thing is for certain: Novy Ranch Grass-fed Beef tastes like beef is supposed to taste, beefier and completely natural.

*Terroir: from the French, meaning “of the soil”, a term most often used in viticulture to describe the uniqueness of fine wine and the natural, environmental elements that contribute to it’s character.


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